Modern equipment, breakthrough technologies and business solutions for the packaging industry at UPAKEXPO

The UPAKEXPO exhibition is a key platform for presenting high-tech equipment and the latest developments in the field of packaging and packaging solutions. The upcoming season from January 23 to 26, 2024 will be full of exciting new products and debuts of market newcomers.


The organizers predict the participation of about 1,100 companies from 16 countries, including Russia, China, Turkiye and Italy, in the work of the united business platform of the UPAKEXPO, RUPLASTICA и RECYCLING SOLUTIONS exhibitions. At the same time, the packaging industry will demonstrate serious scale and prove itself as a space for the implementation of creative ideas in design, shape, color, materials and technologies. The exhibition area has doubled compared to the previous year. UPAKEXPO will present an optimal set of answers to the main questions of manufacturers, and the main emphasis will be on packaging equipment, packaging and label printing, bottling equipment, machines and equipment for packaging production, as well as finished packaging.

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According to surveys of visitors, companies in the field of printing on packaging and labels are of great interest. In the upcoming season, the segment will be represented by such companies as Terem, Russkom, Smart-T, Terra Print Pro, VIP-Systems, SUZHOU CAI MACHINE GROUP, Novaflexo Industria E Comercio De Maquinas Ltda, Evopress Maquinas e Equipamentos Industriais Ltda and others.

Season premieres

The exhibition will be replenished with new participants in 2024. For the first time, such companies as Aseptic Solutions, TARA.RU, Hangzhou Huayi Trading Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Sunny Industrial, Kombi Makina Sanayi ve Tic Ltd. Şti, SUZHOU CAI MACHINE GROUP CO.,LTD, Enterpack, Rulli Standard Industria E Comercio De Maquinas Ltda, Avtonix Rus, Plastagregat, ALIMAK F&P, TEREM, DOMEKS MAKINE ANONIM SIRKETI and others will come to present themselves and their solutions at the exhibition site.

Gold fund

Among the anchor participants who form the permanent core of UPAKEXPO, the following companies will again be located at the Expocentre Fairgrounds: ECI PACKAGING, Russian Trapeza, Robotek, Integral Plus, AVRORA Plant, Forintek STC AT, TD Kraft, Kropotkinsky MiSSP plant, TEXA, NELDEN INDUSTRY S.R.L., SAKMI MOSCOW, SMI RUSSIA, Technokom Engineering Rus, BRAMBATI S.p.A., CONCETTI S.p.A., ESSEGI 2 S.r.l., ICA S.p.A. and others.

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Hall 8.1

In addition to companies specializing in printing on packaging and labels, Hall 8.1 will feature participants presenting solutions in the field of finished packaging, such as Gofromir, Blisterprom, ZPI, Isratek S, Eurometfilms, NPF LPK, PAKLAND and others.

Hall 8.2

Exhibition Hall 8.2 will mainly house manufacturers of packaging and bottling equipment, as well as operators of labeling solutions: NELDEN INDUSTRY, Integral Plus, Magikon and K, Aseptic Solutions, ALMA-SERVICE, Robotek, Russian Trapeza, SAKMI MOSCOW, TEXA, ECI PACKAGING, Forintek STC AT and others.

Hall 8.3

The space in Hall 8.3 will be dedicated to international participation and companies specializing in a wide range of packaging solutions. Key exhibitors here include Wuhan Golden Laser, Pingyang Litai Machinery, Guangzhou Sunny Industrial, Guangzhou U-Packer Automation Equipment Co., Ltd, Kunrun Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Phs Jiangsu Eqs Machinery Co., Ltd and other.

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The new season will feature high concentration and intensity not only of the exposition of manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and services, but also of the specialized business forum. The main communication platform will be the Innovation Pack space in hall 8.1, where market leaders and experts will discuss the current state of the packaging market, adaptation to the sanctions regime, trends in the packaging industry, production of printed packaging in new market conditions, branding, neuromarketing, as well as training and development of personnel . The schedule will include 7 conferences and several specialized reports, and over 85 leading market experts will participate in the new season.

The business program will be opened with a welcoming speech by Alexander Boyko, General Director of the National Confederation of Packers (NKPak), Chairman of the Subcommittee for the Development of the Packaging and Printing Industry of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Alexander Chuikov, President of NKPak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the State Enterprise GOTEK, will sum up the results of the year and talk about new challenges in the packaging industry. Yuri Lakhtikov, Chairman of the Board of RAO Bumprom, Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Pulp, Paper and Wood Chemical Industry of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will analyze the main problems and talk about the opportunities in the new conditions of the pulp and paper industry. Representatives of well-known companies, including SFT Packaging Center, Aurora, Sibur, Georg Polymer, Danaflex, Khoma Company, Yuskas, Unilever and others, will share their opinions on the state of the packaging equipment market, its trends and prospects.

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Expert opinion

Alexander Boyko, General Director of NKPak, Chairman of the Subcommittee of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the development of the packaging industry: 
“The Russian packaging market developed quite successfully in almost all its segments in 2023, adapting to serious challenges, including those generated by sanctions, and the UPAKEXPO exhibition contributed quite a lot to this a significant contribution, providing market participants at the beginning of the year with the opportunity to get acquainted with new products and outline ways to solve current problems. The development of the Russian packaging market will be determined by many trends that will be reflected in the exposition and business program of the upcoming exhibition. I would highlight the issues related to the implementation of EPR that packaging manufacturers will have to face. At the beginning of the year, most packers have a positive mood, which is due to the good performance of the previous year. I would like to wish the organizers and participants of UPAKEXPO to realize their plans, get not only good results, but also pleasure from communication and work.”

As part of the active discussion of the EPR (extended producer responsibility) law, experts raise the issue of packaging recycling, and therefore the activation of the search for new solutions in this area. The UPAKEXPO exhibition will allow you to answer many questions and get acquainted with the latest technological solutions, and discussions within the business program will help you exchange views on how the local market is developing and coping with new challenges.


Expert opinion

Lyubov Melanevskaya, Executive Director of the non-profit association RusPEC: 
“Our main task is to formulate the industry’s position on eco-packaging and processing and convey it to all interested parties. The business program of the exhibition is an effective tool that helps to achieve goals, unite market participants, and communicate with government officials. Now the most important trend is the focus of manufacturers on eco-friendly solutions in packaging, we are seeing unprecedented interest in technologies for using recycled materials, we are participating in discussions on the possibilities of replacing non-ecological packaging with recyclable ones, and together with progressive players we are looking at 5-10 years ahead in the interests of the industry.”

Stay up to date with the latest developments, current production solutions, technological advances and trends - with the UPAKEXPO exhibition.

See you from January 23 to 26, 2024 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds!

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