Expert opinions

Victor Vassiliev

Head of Marketing and Advertising, Corporation ZNAK

«Participating in UPAKEXPO allowed us not only to show the market our advanced and in-demand solutions for labelling, but also to improve the quality of consultations on technologies for our new and future clients. Within four days we showed and discussed practical aspects of integration of equipment and solutions for production sites with specialists from manufacturing facilities of various segments, as well as invited producers of household chemicals and cosmetics to participate in an experiment on labelling. This is undoubtedly the best result our participation in the trade fair has brought us»

Alexander Boyko,

CEO, NCPack, Chair of the Subcommittee for Development of Packaging and Printing Industry, CCI RF

«Last year started immense changes in the packaging industry. The Russian market has grown quite strongly, both financially and numerically. Many companies achieved significant growth. But the key thing is that the industry has changed dramatically from the technological standpoint and in terms of how to run the business. The trends set in 2023 will continue evolving in 2024. This will lead to more confidence among Russian manufacturers of packaging, and the consumers will have the packaging that is fully in line with the expectations — it’ll be convenient, practical, eco-friendly, beautiful and modern. UPAKEXPO trade fair surprises us with how big it is versus previous year — in the number of participants, and the quality of presentations, and the activity of the audience. We can certainly say that it will become a good stimulus for further development of the packaging market»

Vladimir Chuykov,

President, NCPack; Head of the Board, GC GOTEK

«Development of the packaging sector is driven by understanding of the needs that will be shaped on the clients’ side. 2024 is the year for rethinking and articulating a new strategy, more critical and customized approach to running business. The key trend will be research in customer preferences and values. Companies will develop for more accurate scanning of such information and its conversion into the best functional qualities of the product»

Svetlana Yerokhina,

CEO, Svetofor

«Our key focus at UPAKEXPO is to meet new suppliers, since this year we see more partners in packaging industry from Asia and the East. This is an opportunity to set up logistics and production in cooperation with professionals from the international market, expand the product range and the manufacturing operations in general»

Maxim Novikov,


«Speaking about the prospects of the packaging industry, we should not skip the trend for extended range of materials produced in Russia. From our side we are anticipating a wider range of plastics for production of caps, solutions for transformation and new technologies in doypack, wider assortment for combined package. This is a good competitive niche, that can be filled by Russian producers»

Igor Smirenny,

Editor-in-Chief, Tare and Packaging; Vice President, NCPack

«It is amazing to see how UPAKEXPO trade fair grows every year, bringing even more professionals of the packaging industry together. At this event we’re sharing experience, technologies and solutions, that in many aspects define the development of the domestic industry for years to come»